Logic simulators and fault simulators

Order procedure

  1. Select simulator version and verify platform support.
    If the price is not listed in the product list, request a price quote.

  2. Ordering*)
    Use the electronic ordering form to specify product version, operating system and host identification information or send e-mail directly to DFTSimuLab. By sending a request for a software license you acknowledge your acceptance of all terms in the DFTSimuLab user license agreement.

  3. Order confirmation and demo version
    A confirmation e-mail will be sent by DFTSimuLab to the e-mail address given in (2.), that includes the free demo version (L1.1), which can be temporarily used while waiting for the complete order to be processed unless otherwise stated. This version also gives the opportunity to verify that the software is compatible with the intended target system environment. There are also separate system test programs that can be downloaded and run on your system to verify system compatibility. The order confirmation specifies payment terms and expiration date of the price quote offered.

  4. Payment
    Send a money order or check payable to DFTSimuLab to the address:

  5. Delivery
    As soon as the order and payment has been processed, which usually takes 2-4 business days after the payment has been received, DFTSimuLab will send the complete software package by e-mail including installation instructions. The complete package is less than 1 Mbytes.

    *) DFTSimuLab reserves the right not to accept an order for any reason.

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