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User registration form for BJStrike on-line simulation

NOTICE: Simulation server is temporarily closed until Nov. 29 due to system maintenance

New user:
Register user name, e-mail address and optionally a password before submitting any job.
A password is only needed if you later would like to change or delete a user record.
Simulation jobs of 8M rounds or less will be run in real time. Larger jobs will be put in an batch queue and the results will be sent to the user through e-mail. Notice that there are certain rules and restriction as to number of job submissions allowed per user. The settings and options available on the on-line job submission page constitute only a small fraction of all the options available in a full version of the BJStrike simulator that can be ordered from the order page.

User name:
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Password (optional): Please, read the User Agreement and indicate your decision I  Accept    Decline

  • Simulation job submission page
  • Shorter jobs always have higher priority than larger jobs. First time users always get the highest priority and will automatically be put first in any queue. User name and e-mail will be checked against your IP address before any job will be submitted. In case of a mismatch in any of these three parameters the job submission may fail. Always launch check server and user status to find out if a job will or can be submitted. Notice that there is a default limit on total number of job submission allowed per user, which is currently set to a maximum of 50 jobs per user.

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