BJStrike, Blackjack simulation and practice software

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Standard software licenses available for Linux and Solaris platforms
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(single license)
BJStrike, Full Edition
Simulator + Index generator + Practice module
BJStrike, Demo
(Without random shuffle procedure)

For testing of features and performance only,
Comes with incomplete deck compositions and functionality. Time limited

Free ( order here)
6 month subscription on running BJStrike remote. No software installation required
Enables you to run most of the X4.0 options on our servers
Some restrictions apply. Subject to availability terms

$249 per client

    All packages are shipped with unique license numbers and require a one time PIN to unlock during installation. The purchase of a single user license grants the user the right to install the software on a maximum of three different computer systems or three instances of an operating system. Verify system platform requirements and installation instructions. To use the BJStrike Graphical User Interface on Windows operating systems, the Tcl/Tk toolkit must be installed on your system. Free demo versions are available to verify toolkit operation. BJStrike is also available as floating (site) licenses for data centers and server ranches. Contact DFTSimuLab for price quote of floating licenses. All packages come with examples, complete simulator setups and installation guide. Products X, S, C and RS come with a comprehensive 150 page reference manual that provides examples and detailed descriptions of definitions and algorithms used. All prices are subject to change without notice.
Try our on-line simulation submission service for free for simple simulations.

*) Limited to one license per person/organization.
**) Contact us for details and terms of availability.

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