BJStrike, Blackjack simulation and practice software

BJStrike for Mac OS X

  • BJStrike Ver. 3.2 is supported for Mac OS X (10.3 and higher) on PowerPC based systems. The distribution file for Mac is a self-contained disk image file (dmg) of size 4.4 Mbytes.

  • In addition, the Mac version (3.2) comes with a new module for playing and practicing blackjack and card counting including multiple hand play and back-counting practice with computer players. See sample Mac screenshots: Simulation, Play/Practice 1, Play/Practice 2

  • This Mac application is of type 'bundle' and already contains the Tcl/Tk graphical toolkit embedded so there is no need to install any additional software in order to run BJStrike on Mac.

  • A demo version can be downloaded directly from Download or ordered from the order page. The download should take around 100 seconds (~ 45 Kbytes/sec.)

  • See product features for an overview of features in BJStrike. Detailed instructions and test cases can be found in the installation guide

Simplified installation and start instructions

1. Distribution file

The distribution file for Mac is a compressed self-contained disk image
(.dmg) named {sim_type-ver.platform}.dmg. Copy this file to a local user
area and double click on the application icon 'bjst' in the main folder.
If you have an old installation, uninstall this version using the uninstall

2. Registration

The very first time you start bjst, it should ask if you want to register.
Answer yes if the terms are accepted and then enter the registration PIN
code in the License information window that will show up.
For demo versions any number can be entered, for example 123.
Notice, for full versions the attached PIN code is valid for one calendar
month only. A new PIN can be obtained from the support web page if the
software is installed later.
(See: http://www.dftsimulab.com/bjstrike/support/main.html)

Next, the simulator will ask for a 'workspace' folder. Use the default
suggestion here. Now, you are ready to run simulations.

3. Testing the installation

For testing the simulator select the "SIMULATION MENU" button from the
main window. In a second window that shows up press the "Start simulation"
button at the bottom of the window and a short simulation will run.

To test the blackjack practice option, select the "PRACTICE" button from the
main window. In the second window that shows up, press the "Start game"
button. Notice that for demo versions, only card ranks 2,5,9,T exist.

If an incorrect PIN code was entered during the registration the simulator
will give an error message when you start a simulation and you will need to
uninstall bjstrike using the 'Uninstall' application, that is found under
the 'Environment' menu of the main window, before a new PIN can be tried.

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