BJStrike, Blackjack simulation and practice software

Software License Order Procedure

Note: The BJStrike software is no longer being actively built for external distribution so we cannot accept any orders at this time

Please send any requests or questions through are on-line form.

  1. Select bjstrike simulator version and verify platform requirement.
    If the price is not listed in the product list, request a price quote. There are separate system test programs or free demo versions that can be downloaded and run on your system to verify system compatibility.

  2. Ordering*)
    Use the electronic ordering form to specify product version, operating system or send request directly to DFTSimuLab. By sending a request for a software license you acknowledge your acceptance of all terms in the DFTSimuLab user license agreement.

  3. Order confirmation
    A confirmation e-mail will be sent by DFTSimuLab to the e-mail address given in (2.) The order confirmation specifies payment terms and expiration date of the price quote offered.

  4. Payment forms**)
    PayPal or Credit card
    Details about payment are provided in the order confirmation e-mail

  5. Delivery
    As soon as the payment has been verified, which usually takes 1-4 business days after the payment has been received, DFTSimuLab will send the complete software package by e-mail to the address given in (2) including installation instructions. In case you are using any spam e-mail filtering software make sure that it does not reject or filter e-mail from the domain dftsimulab.com. The complete software package file size is less than 1 MBytes.
    For free demo versions, a download link together with installation and start instructions will show up immediately at the time of order submission.

    *)  DFTSimuLab reserves the right not to accept an order for any reason.
    **) All payments are final. There is no refund offered of any DFTSimuLab software licenses.

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