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    BJStrike is a powerful engine for advanced blackjack simulation and strategy evaluations including index generation and ace tracking analysis. BJStrike is available for Linux and Solaris operating systems. For pricing information see the product options page.

News: BJStrike version 4.0 released, 11/20/2009, see new features here

Overview of main features (see also detailed feature list):

  • BJStrike is useful for evaluating the win rate and the opportunities available in a game with certain rules, penetration under fully user customizable playing, betting and counting strategies including multiple hand play, wong-in/out strategies, multiple count systems, side counts, deck composition and segment manipulation and computer perfect play.

  • Most of the common BJ rule variations are supported including generic bonus hand and side bet constructs. Spanish 21 is fully supported in simulation and index generation with redoubling and rescue surrender and associated count systems. There are preconfigured settings for SP21 basic strategy.

  • BJStrike Blackjack practice module allows you to play multiple hands as well as just watching a game being played for practicing back-counting.

  • A variety of useful statistics reports can be generated including overall EV, win rate, standard deviation per hand, SCORE, Risk of Ruin (ROR) tables, optimal betting ramps, session analyses with short-term ROR reports and dynamic variation of betting ramp with bankroll.

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